We met with Jim Kinney last November, feeling a little concerned about how we were going to finance college for our daughter who was a senior in high school. We met with Jim through June, and in those several sessions with him, we were able to do some problem solving and figure out how to finance our daughter’s education long-term.

John Conway
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College Financial Consulting Services

How to pay for college while protecting the financial security of parents and students

The soaring cost of college is drowning a generation of graduates in debt, and simultaneously threatening the financial security of a generation of parents as well.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible for students to get an education without going into debt at all!

It is possible to help educate your children while still protecting your own financial future.

The key to a fiscally responsible college experience is  planning ahead.  We help parents (and their students) figure out where every dollar needed for college will come from.  When it comes to debt, we help you establish boundaries and limits to keep both you and your child financially safe, and then work within those boundaries to establish a prudent financial plan to pay for college.

A few hours of careful planning can mean the difference between a future of financial independence and success, or a future burdened with excessive debt, financial struggle, and regrets.

See below for some of the questions our New Jersey based College Financial Consultant can help answer for you.

Planning for College

Our College Financial Consultants will help you craft a plan that will detail exactly how you can pay for college.

We often will meet together to discuss goals, resource constraints, and strategies.  We do not sell any product – these are hourly fee financial consulting sessions, usually held in one of our convenient New Jersey Financial Planning Centers (although we can work online as well for parents and students in other parts of the country). The agenda is ultimately up to you, but here are just a few of the college related topics we may discuss:

  • Savings strategies — Sooner is better, but it’s never too late to start! Every bit counts.
  • Getting the best deal — Not everyone pays the same price. Learn how to get the best deal by selecting the right college for you!
  • What can you actually afford? — Be realistic, set limits and do not get in over your head. The goal here is 0% regrets!
  • Where will the money come from? — A Certified College Planning Specialist will help you figure out in advance where the money will come from: parents’ cash flow, need-based and merit-based financial aid, student loans, part time work, parents and students savings, etc.
  • Financial Aid 101 — We work together to understand and make the most of financial aid that may be available, which includes exploring financial moves that may increase available aid.
  • How to avoid becoming a slave to student loan debt — How much debt is too much? Good debt vs. bad debt. What will be the impact on the student’s financial independence?
  • Maintaining balance — With retirement looming, how does college fit into the parents’ overall financial plan.
  • College as an investment — Understanding the cost of college as an investment in future earning power.
  • Get  the Student Involved!  It can be hard for parents to have the discussion – in a joint session, we may be able to help the student understand how these decisions will impact their lives!

Unlike some college financial planners, we are not here to sell you insurance based schemes that dubiously purport to increase your financial aid eligibility. Since we are being paid for our time, our only mission is to help parent and student make sensible and prudent choices as they you navigate the often complex and challenging world of college finance.

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